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Wafer solution

Throughout the years, we have been working with wafers to produce the best wafer solution. Wafer, also known as a slice or substrate is a thin slice of semiconductor used in integrated circuits. These wafers work as substrates for microelectronics components to be built in and on the wafer. 

Wafer sorting

Wafer sort is a testing procedure performed on a silicon die in a wafer form. This is to identify non-functional dies. Over the past decade, wafer testing has evolved to include the use of automation equipment and test technologies. We had an abundance of experience in wafer sorting/testing and are confident to help you find the right solutions to speed up productivity. 

Wafer inspection

Wafer inspection is a system for detecting physical defects (foreign particles) and pattern defects on wafers. Using the Blauwal vision system solution, wafer inspection can be done by comparing the image of patterns and dies. In a nutshell, the wafer inspection detects imperfections on a wafer and finds out their position coordinates.

Wafer marking

Wafer markings are used to imprint wafers to allow tracking wafers through the processes of manufacturing. The wafer marking requires high accuracy, fast speed, and permanent marking qualities. By using laser marker technology, the markings ensure high cleanliness for traceability and reliability of the wafers.

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